Beginners 1 to 1 sessions Daventry

We will help and support you to start running with a walk/run programme, spread over 9 weeks.  This builds up at a slow and achievable pace so that by the end of 9 weeks you will be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping, approximately 5k.

This involves 3 sessions per week, and sessions are 30 minutes each to begin with, increasing to 40 minutes as the programme progresses.

We can run all of these sessions with you, at a time convenient for you. If you prefer we can run 2 sessions together per week, with you running 1 further session in your own time.

  • 2 sessions per week for 9 weeks - £180 or £20 per week
  • 3 sessions per week for 9 weeks - £270 or £30 per week

Payment can be made in full at the beginning of the programme, or in weekly instalments.

For further information or to book a course of sessions, please contact us.