About Susan

Up until the beginning of 2013 I was not a sporty person at all. PE at school was the last kind of exercise I had done, and I never really enjoyed it.

In February 2013 I decided that I needed a challenge. After having four children, needing to lose some weight, and being very unfit, I decided that challenge would be to start running. I had always been the type of person to watch the London Marathon and think, “I’d love to do that”, without actually being capable of running up the road.

I began with a walk/run programme, and found to my surprise that I really enjoyed it. I started to look forward to going out running three times a week. I got the ‘runner’s high’ each time I ran further or for longer than I had before. Within 9 weeks I had gone from being that person who couldn’t run up the road, to a person who could run for 30 minutes without stopping.

I continued to gradually increase the distance and time that I ran for, continued to love it, and felt fitter and healthier than I had ever done before. In September 2013, six months after starting running, I completed my first half marathon, the Great North Run. April 2014 saw me realise the ambition of many years, when I crossed the finish line after running the London Marathon.

I am the most unlikely person to be a runner, but after the last 18 months I genuinely believe that absolutely anyone can run, and can enjoy it. I’ve also discovered that running is much more enjoyable when you have someone running with you. You are more likely to get out there, to enjoy it, and to keep going. And so the idea for Running Mate was born.

Running Mate offers both running groups and 1 to 1 sessions for beginners. I am a fully qualifed and insured Leader in Running Fitness. I will offer support and encouragement to help you achieve your goal, whether that is to run your first 5k, to start running in conjunction with a weight loss programme, or simply to begin regular running as part of adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Find out more about my beginners running groups and 1 to 1 sessions.


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