"Absolutely loved my first ever time at a bootcamp. Each workout was easy to follow and Susan explained everything so the whole session was easy to understand. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly."

Tracey Warboys

"I think joining this group was the best decision I made this year - I'm super happy with my progress, I really like the atmosphere of the group, and Susan is very approachable. 100% recommended!"

Sarah Barberton

"There are a number of women who, like Susan, have not done any fitness since school and are inspired by her. I think it helps that she is also a mum, just as they are, and she makes them feel comfortable about running - they don't feel intimidated or judged."

Samantha Ellis

"just finished my third run this week of 30 minutes. 10 weeks ago I didn't think it would be possible. Thank you Susan for all your support, such a lovely lady and really nice people to run with."

Sam Cumley

"Just finished my first run with Susan at Running Mate. It was great for a complete beginner, easing you in gently, and everyone in the group is the same so you won't feel any pressure. A lovely group to run with, can't wait for next week!"

Pam Johnson

"Only just started, but so impressed with Susan and the programme. I really feel that, as a beginner, I am given an achievable goal and I am surprised to find I am enjoying the new challenge! Thanks Running Mate."

Nikki Youngman

"Really lovely, friendly and supportive running group! Extremely happy to have found such great people to run with."

Natalie Needham

"I can't believe I have just run for 30 minutes non stop, when 10 weeks ago running for 1 minute was a struggle. Thanks Susan and Running Mate, you have been amazing!"

Marie Haddon

"It's beyond belief that I could ever have achieved the milestone of running for 30 minutes without stopping, I have even really enjoyed it! This would never have happened without the support and encouragement of the most superb Running Mate, thank you so so much Susan."

Lucy James

"I have just completed my 10 week course in the beginners group and loved it. I can't wait to go on to the improvers group. Susan is an inspirational lady and I thank her for her support."

Leah Simmons

"10 weeks completed and I can now run for 30 minutes non stop! It really does work. If you have never run before then this is for you. Great support and a fab group of people who keep each other going! Go on - give it a go. Thanks Susan."

Kate Morton

"I have just completed the initial 10 week beginners programme and moving into improvers tonight. If I can do it then anyone can. Susan is absolutely brilliant, so encouraging and an inspiration. I would recommend anyone thinking about it to try it!"

Kate Galloway

"What a brilliant running group! I never thought that I would be able to run for 30 minutes but tonight, at the end of the 10 week beginners group, I have done my third 30 minute run of the week. A really enjoyable and friendly beginners running group. Off to join the improvers group now! Thank you Susan"

Helen Plowe

"I have just run 5K for the first time, after being a non runner 11 weeks ago. I could never have done it without the support of Susan and camaraderie of the other group members. Highly recommended!"

Emma Williams

"Great build up over the 10 weeks beginners course, to finally be able to run for 30 minutes. Met some lovely people and Susan is so supportive to everyone."

Eileen Morrissey

"I love Running Mate! Anyone that wants to get running I would definitely recommend it. Great group, no pressure and lots of fun."

Chloe Goodman

"Really enjoying Yoga with Fitness Mate, great venue and relaxed instruction from Susan. Would thoroughly recommend!"

Karen Nelmes

"I never thought I could run! With the help of such a supportive group of people and such excellent leaders I have accomplished my mission. Bring on the improvers group...anyone can really do this. It's never to late to start."

Sue Roberts

“Went to bootcamp for the first time tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. Feel like I’ve worked every muscle! Really excellent value for money.”

Sarah Sargent

"Boxercise and Yoga are a definite highlight of my week. Susan's approach to teaching and clever mix of music and moves in Boxercise makes a proper work out seem like fun! I wasn't sure how I'd get on with Yoga, I'd tried it before but it hadn't worked for me. Susan explains everything so well and gives other options to those who aren't very flexible (aka me!!). I really feel I'm getting something from these sessions. A really lovely group of people to work out with."

Amanda Gooch

"I loved my first Boxercise and Yoga classes today! Susan makes it fun and explains things really well. Can't wait for next week (and I never thought I'd be saying that!"

Sam Cunningham

"After just a couple of months of regular exercise, in the comfort of my own home, I am feeling so much fitter. Thank you Susan."

Judith Healy

"I started Yoga with Fitness Mate and loved it, so much so that I've now taken up Boxercise too! I HATE exercise but Susan has a lovely way of making it fun, and now I look forward to the classes every Friday. Give it a go, you won't regret it!"

Francesca Khatiri